World Of Class Warfare: Sketch Comedy For Every Tax Bracket

World Of Class Warfare Support Chicago Loot Drop and laugh your face off on Tuesday, 3/26! We're partnering with Democracy Burlesque, where "only the politics are naked," for one night only, with proceeds from the show benefiting Chicago Loot Drop. If you like political satire, you'll love this show. Get tickets now and use coupon code M26LOOTDROP at checkout to ensure they know that Chicago Loot Drop sent you! Buy Tickets! | RSVP World of Class Warfare: Sketch Comedy For Every Tax Bracket The world is full of Haves and Have-Nots. Underemployed protesters clash with overcompensated plutocrats while everyone in between attempts to avoid the crossfire. Democracy Burlesque braves the front lines of the fracas to satirize it all in its first show of 2013, WORLD OF CLASS WARFARE: SKETCH COMEDY FOR EVERY TAX BRACKET! Join DB’s ACTORS OF EVIL -- along with an array of special comedy and musical guests -- as they examine all sides of the Class War. You can even contribute to the controversy with a witty line or two yourself! Rise up with laughter and join us at the barricades of Mary’s Attic. Democracy Burlesque DB has produced world-premiere political satire since 2006. With contributors and performers from across Chicagoland, they produce comedy & variety shows that take on the issues; education, health care, food, elections and more! Democracy Burlesque’s mission remains to create riotous comedy while raising awareness, supplies and money for a variety of Causes Célèbre: worthy nonprofit grassroots organizations. So far, they have helped more than 50 groups raise much-needed cash and awareness, and continue to do so during their 8th season.