Drawing Dreams 2017

Drawing Dreams 2017 at C2E2 was a great time! We got to meet a lot of Loot Droppers, make new friends, and raffle off awesome art. For those who missed it or want to relive it, here's the full roster of artwork from Drawing Dreams 2017!


Inspired by Ashton, Age 5
Drawn by Rich Kunz

Cheetah Woman

Inspired by Abby, Age 9
Drawn by Tony Moy

Isa The Cancer Dancer

Inspired by Isabel, Age 16
Drawn by Andrea Bell

Miss Awesome

Inspired by Gabriella, Age 16
Drawn by Ali Cantarella


Inspired by Oliver, Age 10
Drawn by Tim Seeley

Pink Girl

Inspired by Skye, Age 5
Drawn by Kevin Budnik

Super Brooks

Inspired by Marcus, Age 6
Drawn by Jeff Couturier

Super Sam

Inspired by Samantha, Age 16
Drawn by Ashley Witter