Drawing Dreams Results

We had a great weekend at C2E2. So many wonderful people came forth to contribute to our cause and help make the stays at Comer Children's Hospital a bit more enjoyable for all of the kids there. We collected numerous votes on designs from five of the children being treated at Comer. Each one of them will be receiving prizes, and the child with the most votes will be receiving a Nintendo 3DS! And now, without further ado…

And the winner is ... The Brainiac!

Drawn by Angela, Age 15
Re-interpreted by Heidi Foland

The Brainiac (Angela's original) The Brainiac (Heidi Foland)

Our other entrants also did a fantastic job. Many thanks to both the children and our amazing artists for their contributions!

Trixie The Purple Pixie

Drawn by Miriam, Age 11
Re-interpreted by Jenny Frison

Trixie The Purple Pixie (Miriam's original) Trixie The Purple Pixie (Jenny Frison)

Sir Shapeshift

Drawn by Ryan, Age 15
Re-interpreted by Ryan Browne

Sir Shapeshift (Ryan's original) Sir Shapeshift (Ryan Browne)


Drawn by Gabriel, Age 11
Re-interpreted by Tim Seeley

SHOCKO (Gabriel's original) SHOCKO (Tim Seeley)


Drawn by Lindsay, Age 11
Re-interpreted by Jim Terry

Ballerina (Lindsay's original) Ballerina (Jim Terry)