Comfort Kits For Comer 2020

Join us in our 5th year of assembling boxes of care and goodies for University Of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital! This time, we've gone virtual! Due to shelter-in-place orders we won’t be packing Comfort Kits at Revolution Brewing as usual, but due to the strain hospital systems and their incredible staff are undergoing, our fundraiser is more important this year than ever before.

This year's drive will also focus on supporting the caregivers, parents, and guardians who have elected to quarantine at the hospital to be with patients. We need your help to create 100 Comfort Kits filled with blankets, water bottles, dry shampoo and more for caregivers as well as books, toys, and games for the patients.

You can help out by donating to cover the cost of a comfort kit or half a comfort kit below!