Comfort Kit Day For Comer Kids Participant Guide

Before The Event

Telling people about the event is a great way to help raise money to assemble the kits or even get additional volunteers to join you in building Comfort Kits! Feel free to use any of the recommendations below.

Social Media

Use these following social media posts to tell everyone about Comfort Kit Day. You can replace the link to the main donation page with the link your donation page or your team's. Feel free to make any changes you like or to write your own.

  1. I’m assembling 5 Comfort Kits w/@chicagolootdrop filled with games & toys for the kids at Comer Children’s Hospital. You can lend a hand here:
  2. I’m spending 2/10 making Comfort Kits for kids w/@chicagolootdrop. Support me:
  3. Donate $20 to cover one of the Comfort Kits I’m making w/@chicagolootdrop for the kids at Comer Children’s Hospital:


In addition to the above social media posts, use this email to help spread the word about your donation page.


I’m working with Chicago Loot Drop to make comfort kits for the kids at University Of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital.  Each kit contains games, comic books, puzzles, coloring books, LEGOs, and more.  On February 10th, I want to make 5 kits and need your help raising the funds to cover them.  They are $20 each so I need help raising $100.

If you’d like to help me reach my goal, you can donate on my personal fundraising page:

Thanks for your support,
<your name>

Day Of The Event

Checking In

When you arrive at the Revolution Taproom, head toward the wall opposite the bar, near the restrooms. Be on the lookout for someone in a Chicago Loot Drop t-shirt so you can check in. If you’re part of a team, don’t worry, you don’t all need to arrive at the same time. When you check-in, please be sure to pick up your drink tickets! This is how you get your free Revolution beer! 

When you check in, the volunteer checking you in will also tell you how many kits you or your team need to make that day. You’re welcome to help others with their kits too, just keep in mind how many you need to finish as well.
Packing Comfort Kits
When packing comfort kits, take one of each type of item and stack them into the box. It often helps to start with the largest items first (such as coloring books or comic books), smaller items are easier to fit into the leftover spaces. Most importantly, please be sure your kit closes easily and the lid sits flat on top without any bulging. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone in a Chicago Loot Drop t-shirt for help!
Decorating Comfort Kits
The kits will go to kids of all ages, all the way up to teens! We encourage you to get creative with your decorations! If a member of your team is more inclined to decorate than pack, that’s ok too. All we ask is you avoid using illness-related phrases such as “get well soon” or “feel better” as that may not be feasible for all recipients. Instead, think about using exciting illustrations like superhero symbols, or creating something interesting like an underwater landscape!
Turning In Completed Kits
When you’ve completed a kit, place it on the furthest table with the rest of the completed kits. That way we keep them all in one place and can track how many are left to make. After you’re done, you can start the process all over again and pack a new kit. If you’ve finished all your kits, then it’s time for relaxation and games!
Beer & Pizza
When you checked in, you should have received your beer tickets. Assembling kits can be thirsty work, so please feel free to use those tickets to at any time to enjoy the beer donated by Revolution when you’re assembling the kits. 
We will also have a variety of pizzas for our wonderful volunteers courtesy of Dimo’s. Just like the beer, you can enjoy it at any time, though it may be easier to assemble the kits with both hands free.
Finally, while you’re enjoying your beer and pizza, please feel free to stick around to play board games! Our volunteers will bring an assortment of board games for everyone to enjoy, and we are looking forward to playing them with you.