C2E2 & Drawing Dreams 2019

For those of you that didn't win in our C2E2 ticket giveaway, there's still plenty of time to get your tickets.

Thanks to Reed Pop, we'll be back at C2E2 this year, in booth 1872. For the 7th year in a row, Chicago Loot Drop will be running Drawing Dreams!

Once again, we’re partnering with local comic artists who will also be at C2E2 to bring to life the creative visions of 10 very special patients from University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital.

How does it work? We’ve asked these children to describe themselves as a superhero: What sort of power(s) would you have? What would you do with those powers? What would your superhero name be? What would your costume look like?

We took their responses to the following artists, who are creating original artwork depicting the children’s ideas. We'll be taking a sneak peek at the art next week!

Meet the Artists:

GABO – Artist Alley Table P-5

(gabo.brofu.com, Twitter, Insta)

GABO (also known as Gabriel Bautista) is a Milwaukee-based artist for Dead of Winter and The Life After. He’s also an avid Twitch streamer.

Other works: Love is Love, Elephantmen, Albert The Alien, The Spirit, All-Star Western, Comic Book Tattoo


Tony Moy – Artist Alley Table M-16

(tonymoy.art, Twitter, Insta)

Tony is a Mixed Media artist (pencils, inks, digital, watercolors, etc.) based in Chicago. He has been published in comics such as X-Files, Dungeons and Dragons, Transfusion and Memory Collectors, among others.


Andrea Bell – Artist Alley Table I-8

(andreabelldraws.com, Twitter, Insta)

Andrea is an illustrator and comic artist based in Chicago throughout its best and worst seasons. Her work reflects adventure, honesty, and strong relatable characters combined with a soothing color palette.


Nicole Goux – Artist Alley Table I-9

(nicolegoux.com, Twitter, Insta)

Nicole Goux is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist living and working in Southern California. She earned her BFA in Illustration at Cal State University Long Beach. She has been published by such companies as IDW, Black Crown, Image, and Lion Forge. The only thing she likes as much as drawing is traveling the world, seeing new places, and meeting new people. She likes to incorporate color, pattern, and the human form in her work.


JB Roe – Artist Alley Table D-12

(jbroe.com, Insta)

JB Roe is a Chicago-based artist and writer. He has been published by Hidden Fortress Press, Really Easy Press, Black Mask Studios, American Nature Comics, Image, and Comicker. He also co-owns a clothing & apparel label, Hardway.


Tim Seeley – Artist Alley Table G-1

(timseeleycreative.com, Twitter, Insta)

Tim is a writer and artist based in Chicago who has drawn for G.I. Joe, Halloween, Wildcats and Exsanguine. His writing work includes NY Times bestselling Hack/Slash, Nightwing, Batman Eternal and the critically acclaimed Revival. He has also done consultation work for Cacao Barry, artist Hebru Brantley and Dreamworks Animation.


Ali Cantarella – Artist Alley Table W-9

(cantarella.ink, Twitter, Insta)

Ali is a Bucktown, Chicago-based artist who creates high-end watercolor portraits, with a whimsical twist and generous interplay of abstract color and detailed line. She uses coffee, tea, and ink to artistically emphasize the subject of these portraits, both human and animal.


Kevin Budnik

(kevinbudnik.com, Twitter, Insta)

Kevin Budnik is a cartoonist and illustrator from Chicago. His comics have appeared in several anthologies including LINEWORK, What’s Your Sign Girl?, The Adventure Zine, and Sweaty Palms Volume One. Published works include Our Ever Improving Living Room (Yeti Press), Dust Motes 1 and 2 (Yeti Press), Flower Grow, Old Gum Wrappers and Grocery Lists, Handbook, and Epilogue (One Percent Press). Past illustration clients include My Brother My Brother and Me, Cards Against Humanity, and The Chicago Reader.


New for 2019!

These two artists are joining us for the first time this year. Make sure to hunt down their tables and welcome them to the community!

Craig Cermak – Artist Alley Table M-4

(Twitter, Insta)

Craig Cermak II is a comics illustrator in Chicago. Past work includes Nursery, Elvira, Red Team, and Voltron Year One.


Darick Maasen

(darickmaasen.com, Twitter, Insta)

Darick is a creative director and designer for a marketing agency by day and illustrator by night. Darick’s art tends to concern video games, ugly things, circus freaks, and odes to childhood themes and monsters. Darick also co-founded the weekly figure drawing club Grotesque Burlesque, and recently started dabbling in tiki mug design and production.

Come see the full drawings at booth 1872. If you don't have your ticket yet, there's still time to get them!