C2E2 & Drawing Dreams 2016

For those of you that didn't win in our C2E2 ticket giveaway, there's still plenty of time to get your tickets.  We'll be in booth 1292 and we definitely want to see you there because for the 4th year in a row, Chicago Loot Drop has something very special planned for C2E2. Once again, we’ve partnered with six talented local artists to bring to life the creative visions of six very special patients from Comer Children’s Hospital for our fourth edition of Drawing Dreams. We’ve asked these six children to describe themselves as a superhero: What sort of power(s) would they have? What would they do with those powers? What would their superhero name be?

We took their responses to our six artists, who are creating a few sketches depicting what a comic book cover based on the children’s ideas could look like.

Gabriel Bautista (Artist Alley table C1)

GABO, also known as Gabriel Bautista, is a Chicago based Illustrator who has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics and Oni Press.

He is the artist for The Life After, written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, published by Oni Press.

He is a recurring artist on Elephantmen (Image Comics), and series artist on Albert The Alien (Thrillbent). 

He is also an Eisner and Harvey award winning colorist for his work in Comic Book Tattoo (Image Comics), his color art can also be found in several issues of The Spirit and All-Star Western (DC Comics).

Ali Cantarella (Artist Alley table C3)

Ali Cantarella is a comic artist and watercolor children's book illustrator working and playing out of Chicago, IL. Current projects include The Hasty – a comic all about a girl named Cat and her dog, Pugsly, working in a bakery together – and DinoBugs! a coloring and activity book where dinosaurs and insects get morphed together for whimsical results.  When not working on artwork, Ali loves creating food as colorful as it is tasty, biking around the beautiful city, and leaving half-drunk cups of tea on various surfaces around her apartment. This is her second year as an artist for Drawing Dreams. You can check out her work at www.thewetstain.com.

Rich Kunz (Artist Alley table E18)

This is Rich’s third year as a Drawing Dreams artist. He is a high school art teacher and freelance artist from the Chicagoland area. He has always been interested in the comic book medium and has been actively attending conventions for the past four years. Rich has worked on a wide range of private commissions and has recently completed original sketch card art for Star Wars, The Hobbit, DC Comics, Topps, Marvel Comics, Cryptozoic and HBO through Rittenhouse Archives. You can view much of Rich's portfolio on his company website www.diligentvisual.com.

Tim Seeley (Artist Alley table G2)

Tim Seeley is one of those “slash” people: a writer-slash-artist. He has drawn a number of different comicbook series, including G.I Joe, Halloween, The Dark Elf Trilogy, Exiles, and WildC.A.T.S. His writing work includes Lovebunny & Mr. Hell, Loaded Bible and Ant-Man/Wasp. He is most known for Revival & Hack/Slash, which he considers a blessing/curse. There’s that slash again. He resides in Chicago, Illinois with his wife Gina, and a closet full of Masters Of The Universe figures. This is his third year working with Drawing Dreams. Check out his blog at timseeleyart.blogspot.com.

Jeff Couturier

Jeff is a comic artist and designer, curator of the Comic Creators Group, and resident indie comic geek for the Universal Geek podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jeffcouturier.

Ashley Erickson (Artist Alley table C2)

Ashley is an illustrator and freelance artist with 8+ years of experience in the games industry.  This is her first year as a Drawing Dreams artist.  You can see her work at Hardshellart.