Chicago Loot Drop + C2E2 = Epic Awesome!

Great news, Loot Droppers! We’re planning some new activities for Chicago’s nerd mecca – the one and only C2E2 (the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo)! We spend much of the year just looking forward to April, when tens of thousands of nerds descend upon the mighty McCormick Place for one weekend, transforming it into a truly magical place full of comic book idols, cosplay heroes and entertainment icons too numerous to fathom. And this year, we have even more to be excited about. For within C2E2’s hallowed halls, we've got our own booth (Booth 1538!), from which we will be kicking off our most ambitious and exciting project yet. We’re calling it…

Drawing Dreams

For Drawing Dreams, we will work be working directly with Comer Children’s Hospital and a handful of their patients. These kids will submit their own written and/or hand-drawn response to these questions: “If you could be a super hero, what sort of hero would you be? What powers would you have and what would you use them for?” We will collect and review these submissions, displaying a selection of the most detailed and well-crafted responses at our C2E2 booth, where convention attendees can vote on their favorite submission, with each vote requiring a small donation. The child who gets the most votes wins a shiny new Nintendo 3DS! Each child’s submission will also be partnered with an artist, who will create their own rendering of the child’s submission. These one-of-a-kind pieces will be displayed alongside the children’s work, and will be available for purchase only to C2E2 attendees, via silent auction. You read that right, we’re going to have one-of-a-kind art from amazing local artists, which you can only get from Chicago Loot Drop! Here's a bit more about the fantastically generous artists who so graciously agreed to participate.

Tim Seeley

TIM SEELEY is one of those “slash” people…a writer-slash-artist. He has drawn a number of different comic book series including G.I JOE, HALLOWEEN, THE DARK ELF TRILOGY, EXILES, and WILDCATS. His writing work includes LOVEBUNNY & MR.HELL, LOADED BIBLE and ANT-MAN/WASP. He is most known for Revival & HACK/SLASH, which he considers a blessing/curse. There’s that slash again. He resides in Chicago, Illinois with his wife Gina, and a closet full of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE figures. Check out his blog at

Jenny Frison

Jenny Frison is a comic book cover artist and a member of Chicago's Four Star Studios. She has worked for Image, Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, Dynamite, Top Cow, IDW, and others! She is currently creating covers for Image's REVIVAL series.

Ryan Browne

Ryan Browne (pronounced Brown) is an American comic-bookmen who once used his own sock to wipe pizza from his face when no napkin was present. When not cleaning his face or his pizza stained socks, he writes and draws the questionable comics "God Hates Astronauts" and "Blast Furance: Recreational Thief". In addition, he co-created and drew the spaghetti and western free Spaghetti Western known as "Smoke and Mirrors" for IDW and is the often confused fill-in artist on "The Manhattan Projects" from Image Comics. Currently he is taking over as second banana artist of "Bedlam"—which coincidentally is also published by Image Comics. As of writing this his face is happily pizza free, but the day is young my friends. The day is young... You can check out his highly questionable web-comic at and follow his wild swearing on Twitter and Instagram @ryanbrowneart.

Jim Terry

Jim Terry is a Chicago-based cartoonist/writer who has worked on THE CROW: SKINNING THE WOLVES and numerous independent titles including LIE DOWN LOW and COMA D. CLOWN. You can see his work at

Heidi Foland

An Illustration graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Heidi is currently working for the local Chicago game design industry as a freelance illustrator and professional lurker. We’ll see you there! Find us at booth 1538.