Only 24 hours left for band signups

If you want to be participate in the Rock Band tournament, you only have 24 hours left to sign up your group. Band signups will end at 5pm on Tuesday, Dec. 14th.

You'll still be able to purchase to tickets to watch the tournament, but only until Wednesday afternoon at 4pm. After that, you'll have to get your tickets at the door.

Tickets and band signups are now available!

Get ready! Grab your tickets for Chicago Loot Drop on the Tickets page. Go! Go! Go!

Once you've got your band together, sign up for the Rock Band tournament on the Band Signup page. (Donations are cool, too.)

Tickets go on sale Nov. 22nd

On Monday, November 22nd tickets will go on sale for Chicago Loot Drop. Come back then to get your tickets, sign your band up for the Rock Band tournament, or to donate.

Update: Looks like it took an extra day, but we're live now!


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