The Details:
Date: Friday, October 16 2015 - Sunday, October 18
LocationBlock 37 (108 N State St, Chicago, IL 60602)
Cost: $20 - $55
We'll be at ValorCon, Chicago Gamers' Convention, from Oct.16th - 18th, at Block 37!  Stop by our table in between video games, board games, and panels to get a super soft and comfy Loot Drop tee and find out what we've got going on for the rest of 2015 — and beyond!
ValorCon brings together players of tabletop games, electronic games, and live-action games, be they beginners or veteran players, from every gender, age, and ethnicity. ValorCon is a safe haven for playing games you already love, discovering new ones, and connecting with gaming communities through gameplay, discussions, demos, and teamwork.
Activities at ValorCon explore numerous facets of gaming, from solo play and team competitions to cooperative games and beginner’s classes. You’ll have opportunities to play some of the most current and popular games as well as discover obscure and retro titles from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Two track rooms and the main stage will run panels, discussions, entertainment, and demos from Friday morning through Sunday night. ValorCon will feature all types of games:
  • Paper Role-Playing Games
  • First-Person Shooters
  • Collectible Trading Card Games 
  • Minecraft
  • Euro Tabletop Games
  • Fighting Games
  • Just Dance
  • Adventure Games
  • Artemis Starship Simulator
  • Real-Time Strategy
  • Action/Platformers
  • Splattoon
  • US Board Games
  • Wargaming
  • Escape The Room
  • Ingress
  • Strategy Games
  • Electronic Role-Playing Games


Bit Bash

The Details:
Date: Saturday, August 22 2015
Time: 2:00 pm
LocationThreadless HQ (1260 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607)
Cost: $20

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Chicago's Alternative Game Festival is back with a vengeance. Bit Bash is an interactive arts festival in Chicago, showcasing an international collection of lesser known but culturally significant video games.

Dance To The Future

The Details:
Date: Saturday, July 18, 2015
Time: 9:00 pm
Location: The Hideout (1354 W Wabansia Ave)
Cost: Starting at $10
Age: 21+

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Chicago Loot Drop is teaming up with Tesoros De Dios, a nonprofit special-needs therapy center in Nicaragua.  In honor of the year that Marty McFly traveled forward to the distant future of 2015 in Back To The Future Part 2, we're hosting Dance To The Future. It's a Back To The Future costume dance party at The Hideout on Saturday, July 18th at 9pm. Proceeds for the event will benefit the therapy center and the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital.
Featuring a DJ set by Coach Gordon Bombay, come ready to dance through time, dressed as any era from the Back To The Future series: the 1950s, the 1980s, alternate timeline 1980s (after old 2015 Biff changes the past), the 2010s (the movie version), the 2010s (the real version, in case you don’t want to wear a costume - but costumes are encouraged!).  Shoot, you can even go for the 1880s if you’re so inclined, partner. Yee-haw! 
Tickets start at just $10:
For those that come dressed as characters from the movie, we’ll be having a costume contest at 10 PM, judged by the one, the only, amazing Elliott Serrano!  The best three costumes will receive prizes, including prizes from Wormhole Coffee and Chicago Costume.  Sign ups start at 8pm when the doors open.
Head here now to get your tickets, before you run outta time!

Drawing Dreams 2015

Drawing Dreams 2015 at C2E2 was a great time! We got to meet a lot of Loot Droppers, make new friends, and raffle off awesome art. For those who missed it or want to relive it, here's the full roster of artwork from Drawing Dreams 2015!

Ronaldo The Great

Inspired by Aaron, Age 5
Drawn by Rich Kunz

Mrs. Healzintien

Inspired by Kylie, Age 12
Drawn by Gabriel Bautista

Animal Healer

Inspired by Ashley, Age 12
Drawn by Ryan Browne

Magic Morpher

Inspired by Autumn, Age 10
Drawn by Ali Cantarella

The Seer

Inspired by Sabrina, Age 15
Drawn by Tony Moy

C2E2 & Drawing Dreams 2015

Just like last year, Chicago Loot Drop has something very special planned for C2E2. Once again, we’ve partnered with five talented local artists to bring to life the creative visions of five very special patients from Comer Children’s Hospital for our third edition of Drawing Dreams. We’ve asked these five children to describe themselves as a superhero: What sort of power(s) would they have? What would they do with those powers? What would their superhero name be?

We took their responses to our five artists, who are creating a few sketches depicting what a comic book cover based on the children’s’ ideas could look like.

Gabriel Bautista

GABO, also known as Gabriel Bautista is a Chicago based Illustrator who has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics and Oni Press.

He is the artist for THE LIFE AFTER written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, published by Oni Press.

He is a recurring artist on Elephantmen (Image Comics), and series artist on Albert The Alien (Thrillbent). 

He is also Eisner and Harvey award winning colorist for his work in Comic Book Tattoo (Image Comics), his color art can also be found in several issues of The Spirit and All-Star Western (DC Comics).

Ali Cantarella

Ali Cantarella is a comic artist and watercolor children's book illustrator working and playing out of Chicago, IL. Current projects include "The Hasty Pastry" -- a comic all about a girl named Cat and her dog, Pugsly, working in a bakery together -- and "DINOBUGS!" a coloring and activity book where dinosaurs and insects get morphed together for whimsical results.  When not working on artwork, Ali loves creating food as colorful as it is tasty, biking around the beautiful city, and leaving half-drank cups of tea on various surfaces around her apartment. You can check out her work at

Rich Kunz

This is Rich’s second year as a Drawing Dreams artist. He is a high school art teacher and freelance artist from the Chicagoland area. He has always been interested in the comic book medium and has been actively attending conventions for the past four years. Rich has worked on a wide range of private commissions and has recently completed original sketch card art for  Star Wars, The Hobbit, DC Comics, Topps, Marvel Comics, Cryptozoic and HBO, through Rittenhouse Archives. You can view much of Rich's portfolio on his company website

Tony Moy

Tony is a Mixed Media artist (Pencils, Inks, Digital, Watercolors, etc) located in Chicago, IL. He has been published in comics such as X-Files, Dungeons and Dragons, Transfusion and Memory Collectors among others. Check him out on the Interwebs at and

Ryan Browne

Ryan Browne (pronounced Brown) is an American comic-bookmen who once used his own sock to wipe pizza from his face when no napkin was present. When not cleaning his face or his pizza stained socks, he writes and draws the questionable comics "God Hates Astronauts" and "Blast Furance: Recreational Thief". In addition, he co-created and drew the spaghetti and western free Spaghetti Western known as "Smoke and Mirrors" for IDW and is the often confused fill-in artist on "The Manhattan Projects" from Image Comics. Currently he is taking over as second banana artist of "Bedlam"—which coincidentally is also published by Image Comics. As of writing this his face is happily pizza free, but the day is young my friends. The day is young... You can check out his highly questionable web-comic at www.godhatesastronauts.comand follow his wild swearing on Twitter and Instagram @ryanbrowneart.

Curious what these artists came up with? Come by booth 1294 at C2E2! We’ll be on the main floor, raffling off this one-of-a-kind artwork. Oh, and did we mention that our booth is the only place to get one of our super-classy t-shirts?

C2E2 2015 Ticket Giveaway!

We’re giving away three pairs of 3-day passes to C2E2 2015, courtesy of ReedPop and C2E2! That’s right - you could be a part of Chicago’s largest pop culture convention - for free! To enter for your chance to win,  simply answer correctly the trivia questions on this form.

The Hobbit Sing-A-Long

The Details:
Date: Sunday, March 22, 2015
Time: 7:30 pm
LocationThe Public House Theatre (3914 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60613)
Cost: $10
Age: 21+

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Chicago Loot Drop is bringing back our classic The Hobbit sing-a-long! Come join us for what is sure to be a night of great mirth, singing the songs of Middle Earth!

Join us as we go down, down to Goblin-town and start roll-roll-rolling down the hole, on the greatest adventure (that lies ahead)! We think that the 1977 Rankin-Bass animated version of The Hobbit was one of the best adaptations of Tolkien's classic verse to song, but it was still missing something. So we added a bouncing One Ring to the on-screen lyrics! With such classics as "The Greatest Adventure" and "Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees," it's one of the soundtracks we remember most fondly from our childhood, and still find ourselves singing in the shower from time to time. So let's raise our glasses and crack the plates, because that's what Bilbo Baggins hates! Speaking of glasses, we'll have delicious beer for sale from our sponsor, Arcade Brewery, that you can fill up with!

As always, just showing up means you're supporting Chicago Loot Drop and helping put smiles on the faces of patients at Comer Children's Hospital, and we’ll have more opportunities for you to further help our cause, at the event itself.


2014 In Review

And so it is that the year 2014 is behind us. And what a year it was!

We had another installment of Press START To Drink with Scott Pilgrim VS. Wreck-It Ralph, followed up by our second annual Drawing Dreams at C2E2. In the summer, we were very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of many wonderful events, including a screening of We Are Batman at The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology, The Lord Of The Wrigley: Fellowship Of The Cubs by The Nerdologues, Dodgeball Dungeon: MEGADUNGEON, Geek Show by VSTheUniverse, Bit Bash, and the Midwest Game Developer’s Kickball Tournament. Amongst all that, we even had a team run in Traffick Free’s 4th Annual 5K before ending the year with our 5th annual holiday fundraiser, Shamblers’ Ball at The Public House Theatre.

We set out to raise $5000 for Comer Children’s Hospital and Child’s Play, which would have been the most we’d ever raised before. Thanks to you, not only did we reach that goal, but we came close to doubling it. All told, we raised $9107 in 2014. That’s more than we raised in our first 4 years combined! Suffice to say, we're pretty excited, and extremely grateful. Our donations made a massive difference in the lives of the kids of Comer Children's Hospital and their families.

We've already begun planning our 2015 events, and with the momentum we picked up in 2014, we have every intention of taking things to the next level. Expect an announcement soon about our first event of 2015.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Shamblers' Ball

The Details:
Date: Monday, October 27, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm
LocationThe Public House Theatre (3914 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60613)
Cost: $20 September early-bird special; $25 October early-bird special; $30 at the door
Age: 21+

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"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains."
-Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Discerning geeks, nerds and lovers of brains, join us as we dance the night away at our 5th annual holiday fundraiser! As always, proceeds will go towards the purchase of games, toys and books for the children of Comer Children's Hospital, part of the Child's Play network. For this exclusive event, we have enlisted skilled dance instructors from The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association, as well as a live ballroom band, to lead a proper English Country Dance. However, this is the Shamblers' Ball. So of course, we have a twist. 

At some point during our reserved reverie, we will be visited by a wandering horde of ravenous undead, intent on supping upon our brains! At this point, the dancers must fight for their lives, ala the Netherfield Ball from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, in a quick, fun zombie attack game inspired by Humans vs. Zombies. Truly, it will be a superior experience to the Netherfield Ball, and is sure to blow Ms. Austen's face (or at least her left arm), clean off. 

Food: A buffet style dinner is included with your ticket so no need to delay getting to the ball by stopping for something to eat.  We've got you covered.  Only the undead will be ravenous.

Dress: There is a dress code of Cocktail Attire or Dressy Casual.  Assuming you're coming from an office job, you should be fine as long you're not wearing jeans or a t-shirt.  If you feel like dressing up in a Regency period costume, you're welcome to do that as well.

Photos: With everyone looking so fancy, we'll have a photo booth by Katie Hall Photography with weapons to defend yourself against the zombie horde. In addition to that, it's going to be a very unique photo booth experience that you won't want to miss.

Braaaaaains: Online radio drama, Our Fair City, will be creating an immersive evening by providing the soundscape for the zombie apocalypse throughout the dance.

Tickets are $25 in advance  and finally $30 at the door!

Check out these recent media apperances for more info about the event and possible ways to save money on your ticket:


Bit Bash

The Details:
Date: Saturday, September 6 2014
Time: 2:00 pm
LocationThreadless HQ (1260 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607)
Cost: $10 suggested donation

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Join Indie City as they present a gallery of over 30 unique video games, hand-picked by Chicago-based game developers. Featuring live music, local beer, local art and of course, video games.

They've gathered a wide selection of video games; games you can play with a controller, games you play with friends, games you can hold in your hand, games with custom built controllers and rare arcade cabinets.

From 2pm - 7pm they will offer a relaxing and inviting environment for the public to try new interactive experiences. At 7pm the event transforms into an all-out party with live music, beer and new games.

Share this event with friends through

Tickets available now - Free beer for pre-ordering patrons over 21 (while supplies last)

Donations will help them pay for this event and fund future game events. A portion of your donation will benefit local Children's Hospitals through Chicago Loot Drop.

Donations accepted at the door as well!



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